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D2 bear druid guide ~215~

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    Hey. This is my guide for building a Werebear Druid. This build is incredibly fun to play, mainly because it’s almost impossible to somehow screw your character





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    The Druid is one of the potential hybrid character classes in Diablo II, Fireclaws Werebear: Like the werewolf version above, but in werebear form; Town Dump
    15 Jan 2018 Including an overview of skills, and a stat point distribution guide! It’s a hybrid Druid build that relies on the Maul skill and the Werebear form
    20 Jul 2011 I want to give something new a try and I thought this would be something fun. I’d like a character with really high damage and really high life
    I searched and searched, but I couldn’t find a single up-to-date guide for a Mauler, so I decided to write one This build is primarily based on the Druid skill Werebear and the skill Maul. .. This is one of the most powerful modifiers in Diablo 2.
    DISCLAIMER: **Guide is written/updated for Patch 12# Edenite** Due to multiple Basically you are walking around in bear form and mostly one-tap packs of .. Diablo 2 runs on 25 frames per second and reaching specific
    4 Jan 2017
    I’ve been having dreams about Diablo 2, so I decided to make a new character in single player I’ve never really given the Druid a fair playthrough. https://www.diabloii.net/forums/threads/the-flaming-mauler-guide.641306/.16 Sep 2010 Bear Druid- A guide for 1.13c Ok, by the title you might think, «Damn, another slow hitter but heavy hitter,» but it’s acutally quite fast. Keep in
    Howdy, my ign is Fitz (*quakr), level 91+ druid in HCL. I’ve always wanted to make a werebear druid, but fireclaws was just not good enough

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