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Death star exhaust port designer handbook +383+

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    11 Nov 2016 Galen Erso might have planted that two-meter exhaust port in the Death Star on purpose. Hopefully, ‘Rogue One’ will confirm.
    Was the thermal exhaust port on the Death Star really a design flaw? In-universe, it was retconned to be not an uncommon design flaw, . .. In-universe, according to the Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels (1996) Death Star entry:.
    13 Nov 2016 The Death Star’s Thermal Exhaust Port — Is is a Plot Hole? . Galen may have purposefully made the thermal exhaust port a design flaw. of the force he wouldn’t have been able to guide the Proton Torpedo’s into the port.
    21 Jul 2016 Why the Death Star thermal exhaust port was «lazy, terrible design»—a UA Space Systems Engineer, considers the Death Star’s flawed design.
    Death Star Architect Speaks Out, Defends Design of Exhaust Port . Here’s a quick guide for selling your designs, whether they cost $10 or $10,000.
    The Death Star’s thermal exhaust port was a significant flaw in the design that the Rebels were able to exploit during the Battle of Yavin. This led to the thermal
    Is the exhaust port on the Death Star really a design flaw? 662 Views But Luke did not draw from rely on technology to guide him, he used the force. Watch this
    16 Dec 2016 And when WIRED asked a bunch of designers, architects, and other Other architects bemoan the Death Star’s “very little natural light,” and its obvious “entry/egress” issues. Of course the biggest flaw of all is the Empire’s continued insistence on exposed exhaust ports. . Geek’s Guide to the GalaxyA thermal exhaust port or simply called an exhaust port was a small opening on the Death Star that led to its reactor core, which was deliberately designed by

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