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Food safety guidelines for babies

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    Because their little immune systems haven’t fully matured, ensuring food safety and hygiene, and avoiding food poisoning, is especially important for the health
    Food used by infants during the first months of life and satisfying by themselves the nutritional requirements of such infants until the introduction of appropriate
    29 Jan 2019 When feeding young children, avoid: All unpasteurized foods and beverages, including raw milk and unpasteurized juice and ciders. Raw or partially cooked eggs or foods containing raw eggs. Raw or undercooked meat and poultry. Raw and undercooked fish or shellfish. Raw sprouts.
    12 Dec 2018 Food and Nutrition Guidelines for Healthy Infants and Toddlers: A We acknowledge the valuable advice the New Zealand Food Safety
    Food safety advice for feeding infants and toddlers. Always throughly wash and dry your hands with soap and water before cleaning and sterilising bottles and11 Sep 2015 Safe storing, preparing, and serving of foods is just as important in child care programs as serving a balanced diet. Many children and
    There is detailed advice on infant and young children feeding on the National such as salami—check the label: ‘heat treated’ or ‘cooked’ products are safe.
    The most important action that you can take to prevent foodborne illness in your babies and children is to wash your hands. Your hands can pick up harmful bacteria from pets, raw foods (meat, poultry, seafood, eggs), soil, and diapers. Always wash your hands: Before and after handling food.
    Read about food safety and hygiene when feeding children, including Your pregnancy and baby guide . Find out how to prepare and cook food safely.

    Food safety is particularly important for the early months of a baby’s life. Food to your doctor, midwife or child and family health nurse for advice on feeding.


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