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Mass effect 3 pistols guide !150!

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    2 Feb 2012 A user on the BioWare forums has posted an allegedly complete list of weapons and upgrades from Mass Effect 3. Though unofficial, the list
    15 Mar 2012 Heavy Pistols are weapons that are available to all classes. They are Below is a list of the heavy pistols that are in Mass Effect 3. Arc Pistol
    7 Mar 2012 If you thought Mass Effect 2 had an impressive selection of weapons and armor, then Mass Effect 3 will knock your space boots off. There are
    3 May 201227 Feb 2012 Few weapons and equipment have been confirmed for Mass Effect 3 beyond the bonuses found in the Collector’s Editions. The reintroduction
    Pistols are your average, basic weapon. They are slightly more versatile than any other weapon, but they lack the speed of an assault rifle, the range of the
    Weapons in the Mass Effect universe are micro-scaled mass accelerators, using the weapon’s internal heat is; if a weapon is fired too rapidly, heat will build up The Weapons system in Mass Effect 3 is expanded by incorporating systems
    4 May 2012
    Below is a list of heavy pistols in Mass Effect 2. M-3 Predator Edit. M-5 Phalanx Edit. M-6 Carnifex Edit. Acolyte Edit. Arc Pistol Edit. Executioner Pistol Edit. M-3 Predator Edit. M-5 Phalanx Edit.
    There are five main categories of weapons in Mass Effect 3 plus one additional category of unique guns that are used only in special situations and can’t be

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