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Megaman x3 boss guide

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    This is a walkthrough for Mega Man X3. Also, it states to die to exit the stage when the boss of that level is deemed to difficult to defeat at that level for the
    For Mega Man X3 on the Super Nintendo, a GameFAQs message board topic titled «Real best order». I can not comprehend why most of the guides say to do Blizzard This boss is also a joke, with or without the weapon.10 Dec 2015
    24 Jul 2018 Mega Man Legacy Collection: Mega Man X3 Boss Guide 01 Mega Man X3 has a tough choice on who to face off against first but the Blizzard
    29 Mar 2012 Mega Man X3. Intro Sequence. Blizzard Buffalo (use X-Buster) a.) Boots Upgrade. Toxic Seahorse (use Spin Wheel) a.) Heart Container #1. Tunnel Rhino (use Acid Burst)* a.) Sub Tank #2. Blizzard Buffalo (return) a.) VI.) Volt Catfish (use Tornado Fang) VII.) Crush Crawfish (use Triad Thunder) Neon Tiger (use Spinning
    Listed below are all the bosses you’ll encounter in the game. Each entry has a detailed description and guide on how to defeat each boss, including which
    11 Mar 2017
    The traditional, Normal order used in almost every Mega Man game is to choose the next stage so that its boss is weak against the Special Weapon obtained
    17 Jan 2017
    Blizzard Buffalo. Weapon: Frost Shield; Primary Weakness: Parasitic Bomb; Other Weakness: X-Buster. 2. Toxic Seahorse. Weapon: Acid Burst; Primary

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