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Mineralz evolution wall guide

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    Ici, vos suggestions et vos retours pour Mineralz Evolution. One other frustrating issue is when player which has built part of wall, or who has been running eco . no guide out there to define the optimal way of getting income. we tried almost
    The best thing I’ve had going for me thus far has been to put a «distraction pylon» at a «corners touching rock wall» significantly far away from theI made few mistakes (bad wall for 12 night, and missed eclo a little bit). Overall i had cores You could easily to normal mode with this strategy. https://ufile.io/ I see that ver 7 of mineralz evolution is down. Any coincidence?
    1 Jun 2013
    i.imgur.com/8l3QX.jpg (Carbon Crystal is not used as the wall; built it while waiting) MineralZ is fun until you have nothing else to build,
    7 Aug 2013
    18 Apr 2015
    MINERALZ EVOLUTION — TEAM BASED DEFENSE GAME — UPDATED CURRENT(2018) MineralZ Evo is a map where you, along with your teammates mine 4 different Green verification check mark guide and verified users list . walls and healers together to create a impenetrable defensive base
    18 Sep 2011
    8 Mar 2016 Mineralz Survival is the official site of mineralz survival on starcraft 2. Phantom for the sc2 arcade as a new refined version of mineral evolution.

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