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Monkey fruit tree viva pinata guide

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    Apple Tree Lots of creatures like to eat apples, and this is the most efficient way to get them fresh. This tree may be small, easy to grow and cheap to get hold of,
    Gem Tree Type Tree Level 9 Base Value 450 coins Fertilizer Blue Related Items Gem Seed 238 coins Gems 360 coins The Gem Tree is a large tree that
    The Monkeynut tree is a crooked brown tree that is quite tall. Most of the tree is dark brown with light brown markings decipting suns at the forks in the stump
    5 Dec 2009 The PinataIsland.info community is the #1 guide to the Viva Pinata Xbox 1 monkeynut tree in the garden helps meet the Bonboon Visit and
    Having a banana tree in the garden meets the resident requirements for the helps meet the romance requirements for the Elephanilla and the Cinnamonkey,
    15 Sep 2009 You can purchase apple seeds or apples from Costolot’s General Store at level 8, or try talking with Seedos to get an apple seed.
    Plants | Designing and maintaining the garden Viva Pinata Guide Fertilizer. Plants. Red. Apple Tree, Chilli, Poppy. Yellow. Banana Tree, Buttercup, Corn, Daisy, Sunflower. Orange Bullrush, Fir Tree, Hazel Tree, Monkeynut Tree. Green.
    21 Oct 2009 For Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise on the DS, Plant Guide by Vinder_DarkWolf. of plants in Viva Pinata, seeds, flowers, weeds, vegetables, bushes, trees and fruits. .. Name: Monkeynut Seed Level: Six Cost: 105 Sell: 53
    8 Dec 2006 For Viva Pinata on the Xbox 360, Gardening Guide by karnage87. to grow a basic plant and feed the fruit of a tree to a Taffly, Taffly’s have the ability Hazel Tree Monkeynut Tree GREEN Gooseberry Bush Oak Tree Orchid
    19 Jan 2015 The apple tree is one of the first trees available for you to grow in your the romance requirements for the Elephanilla and the Cinnamonkey,

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