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Remove y axis stata tutorial

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    stata graph restrict rangexlabel stata

    stata narrow axis range

    stata hide y-axis

    stata graph axis max

    stata graph axis length

    truncate y axis stata

    stata twoway set y axis range

    Stata Tutorial Princeton University Stata 10 introduced a graphics editor that can be used to modify a graph interactively Note that this command doesn’t label the y-axis but uses a legend instead. .. (You can also list, describe, rename, copy, or drop graphs stored in memory, type help graph_manipulation to learn more
    29 Sep 2010 Stata 11 SE I am trying to suppress labelling on a second y axis in a combined graph. The graph is telephone number shown above or by return e-mail and delete .. N. J. Cox Q3/07 SJ 7(3):438—439 (no commands)
    7 Jun 2013 That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put your graph commands in do files once Stata refers to any graph which has a Y variable and an X variable as a twoway A graph is an entire image, including axes, titles, legends, etc.
    18 Apr 2017 Often, the default display of a Stata graph includes grid lines, typically on the y axis. If the graph you wish to produce does not contain grid lines
    axis label options are a subset of axis options; see [G-3] axis options. axis label . would present default labeling of the y axis, but the numbers would be .. Some commands, and option ylabel(), usually draw grid lines by default. . specified for major ticks and labels and remove the intersection so as not to overprint.
    Stata’s graphics commands do not include facilities for a scale break in which either the y axis or the x axis of a graph is interrupted. The presumption is that
    I’m trying to generate a graph with the x axis labels removed but every time I run my From the Stata manual I thought it was pretty simple: stop» , add angle(vertical) labsize(*1.0)) /// tline(30Nov2015 21Dec2015 13Jan2016
    3 Jan 2006 i obtained a graph with faint horizontal lines emanating from y-axis from > each tick mark on the said axis. is there a way to ‘turn-off’ this
    11 May 2010 So, what is your solution for «x-axis gone, and no over()»? I can get > rid of the y-axis but not the x-axis: > > > > . sysuse auto, clear > > . graph
    29 Apr 2014 Graph commands have many, many, options. It’s a matter of going through them very carefully using help <command> and the manual.

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