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Sh 4a mips instruction

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    sh4 instruction set

    mips instruction format

    lbu mips example

    mips lh example

    mips instruction set pdf

    hitachi sh4 processorsuperh inc

    10 Nov 1997 Hitachi, Ltd. announces the release of the SH-4 SH7750 series as the top-end It features 360 MIPS performance at 200 MHz, plus 1.4 GFLOPS(*2) of a number of instructions, offers the industry’s highest performance for
    16 Aug 2016 SH1 SH2 SH3 SH4 SH4A SH2A. mova @(disp,PC),R0. (disp*4) + (PC & 0xFFFFFFFC) + 4 -> R0. 11000111dddddddd. EX LS. 1 1 1 1 1 1.
    In all instructions below, src1, src2, and dest are general-purpose registers. imm is a 16-bit immediate Note that if an operand is negative, the remainder is nspecified by the MIPS architecture and . sh Rsrc1, imm(Rsrc2): Store Halfword.
    11 Aug 2004 The device features a dedicated 3-bus architecture and delivers 720 MIPS (million instructions per second) and 2.8 GFLOPS (giga-flops) at 400
    MIPS: million instructions per second Two-instruction superscalar. 360 MIPS. SH-4. 60–100 MIPS. SH-3. 30 MIPS. SH-2 4 (a) the sphere is represented as.High performance per unit of power (MIPS/W), more compact size, and high cost performance: The SH-4A instruction set is upward-compatible with the SH-4.
    the fact that Neutrino supports the MIPS, PowerPC, SH4, and ARM processors. Furthermore, these non-x86 processors are «RISC» (Reduced Instruction Set
    2 : SH-4, SH4A and SH4AL-DSP CPU Core This section describes the characteristics of instructions. <Transferring immediate data to registers> The 8-bit
    SuperH (or SH) is a 32-bit reduced instruction set computing (RISC) instruction set architecture architecture is consolidated around the SH-2, SH-2A, SH-3, SH-4 and SH-4A platforms giving a scalable family. High code density compared to other 32-bit RISC ISAs such as ARM or MIPS important for cache and memory
    I was inspired to do this presentation on the Hitachi SH-4 processor because this is is taken from the Hitachi Hardware Manual on the SH4 family of processors featuring a 128-bit graphic engine for multimedia applications and 360 MIPS

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