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Vortex pinnacle trash guide

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    26 Mar 2013 Temple of Ahn’Qiraj (AQ40) The Twin Emps to C’thun trash has reached . Heroic Vortex Pinnacle Did anyone else get the uncanny sense that
    23 Sep 2010 The Vortex Pinnacle location used to be known as the Skywall during alpha but now appears to have the same name as Trash mobs in the Vortex Pinnacle are pretty interesting. . I really appreciate the mini-instance guide.The Vortex Pinnacle is a level 82-84 5-man dungeon located inside the . Glory of the Cataclysm Hero Guide! Guide to Timewalking Holidays and Rewards
    12 Dec 2010 Vortex Pinnacle 1.1 — Start -> First Bridge1.2 — First Bridge -> Cloud Okay so you’ve first entered the instance, that first trash pack looks rather
    15 Nov 2010 NOTE: This guide is based on the Vortex Pinnalce instance as seen in the Cataclysm The Vortex Pinnacle is an instance set in the Skywall along the This trash mob will no affect your team at all if someone is looking at it.
    25 Nov 2010
    Trash Mobs were dealing between 1000-4000 damage I though thats fine I . Did one Vortex Pinnacle then just queued mists dungeons and
    He wants free boosts in Stonecore and Vortex Pinnacle. clear to the second boss in either instance and avoid trash pulls when applicable.
    When submitting video guides give a brief text-based overview of the video. So I just finished 10 runs in Vortex Pinnacle and wanted to share my results (vendor); 1x BOE blue (vendor); About 300 gold from vendor trash.


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